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Feel The Music Call Now – +91-8529106995

Acoustic Foam Panels

MAXIMUM SOUND ABSORPTION: Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels are made with original acoustic polyurethane open cell technology to absorb all the kinetic energy of the sound and convert them to heat energy. The angles and software cutting of the product is no match with any other acoustic product in the market

  • BEST FOR ACOUSTIC TREATMENT & SOUNDPROOFING: On 100% wall coverage it will isolate your sound upto 20 DB and on limited wall coverage it will only do the acoustic treatment/echo absorption. Best for recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home theatres, classrooms, youtube video recordings, voice over studios, machine canopies , Hotels, Basements etc.

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Our Services

Make recordings with confidence!  Capture your music with world-class precision and clarity!

At BATISH BROS , we are dedicated to always doing our best and making the recording process an inspiring and creative experience. We don’t do things the same way every time – we personally tailor every approach for every client we work with.

Our services include:

– Mixing, mastering and editing

– Complete track production including writing, arranging, and session musicians

– Band tracking and overdubs

– Vocal production, tracking, editing, tuning, mixing

– Business coaching, track placements and artist development

– Voice Overs

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Saturday:- 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

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